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How do I Search for Classes I am Interested In?

3 Ways to Browse Available Classes

1. Browse by Class Title

If you just want to browse all scheduled classes to see what ones you might be interested in, or if you want to look for a particular class, you can go to the "Class List (alphabetic)" page under the "Classes" menu option. As the name implies, this list is maintained in alphabetic order by class title (rather than calendar order) for easier browsing of available classes. If you find a class you want to register for or just want to know more about, click on the class name to be taken to the class page. As always, you must be logged in to register for a class.

2. Browse by Date

The easiest way to see what classes are coming up is to select "Upcoming Classes" under the "Classes" menu option. When you find a class you'd like to know more about, click on the class name to be taken to the class details page.

3. Search for Specific ClassesSearch Tool

The "Search For Events" tool is a very powerful way to find specific classes offered by SBCC.

If there is a specific class you want to look for, again switch to "List View" on the Class Calendar; then click the Future button to view all upcoming classes. Now click the Search (magnifying glass) icon on the tool widget along the right edge of the screen (illustrated right). The "Search For Events" box (shown below) will then appear, which gives you a lot of options for searching for specific events.
Search For Events

If you want to see all classes for a particular computer or device: use the drop down under "Category" to select from: Mac Only, PC Only, PC & Mac, etc. Then click the "Search" button.

If you want to find classes with a particular title: type the class title or any part of the title in the "Title" box, and click the Search button.

To search for classes given by a particular instructor or with certain words in the class description: type the instructor's name or other description word in the "Description" box and click the Search button in the Search For Events box..

If you want to search for classes between particular dates: use the calendar drop-downs to select the start and end dates to be searched.

To cancel a search and return to the full calendar listing: click the "Reset" button in the Search For Events box.