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Monthly meetings are OPEN to ALL Saddlebrooke residents - members & non-members of the club.

Meeting: Monday, April 19, 1:00 PM

Zoom link-

Cutting the TV Cord in 2021:  Why, Why Not, & Why Should I Care?


Cutting the cord – replacing TV services delivered by cable (Orbitel, Comcast) or satellite (DirecTV, Dish) with similar services delivered by internet streaming - will be explained & explored.  This session will provide a high-level overview of what you need to know to make intelligent decisions about how well today’s many emerging internet-based TV apps & streaming services might be tailored to meet your viewing & budget priorities.  Discussion will be of most interest to three types of TV viewers:  

  1. Folks considering moving away from the costs, inflexibility, or customer issues of major cable & satellite TV services. 
  2. Folks who’ve already cut the cord but want help sorting out the best streaming services and apps for their situation.
  3. Snowbirds or other dual-resident folks who want a TV service that can seamlessly follow them to different locations without special seasonal fees or penalties.

The presenter, Bill Jackson, is a 13-year Saddlebrooke resident who in the past 2+ years has led over 30 sessions on TV cord-cutting designed to discuss the pros & cons of cord-cutting options in easily understood terms and with a specific focus on TV streaming services most popular & best suited to our Saddlebrooke location.

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