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Monthly meetings are OPEN to ALL Saddlebrooke residents - members & non-members of the club.

 Meeting  Friday, April 19

Mountain View Clubhouse East Ballroom, 1:00 PM     

Cyber Security:  By Terry Stager

What you need to know to protect your Web/Internet Surfing.  Attend and learn the following:


  1. Learn how most Cyber Attacks start.
  2. Learn how to protect against attacks on your phone.
  3. Learn the weakest link in your Cyber Security strategy.
  4. How can I tell if I have a malware infection on my computer?
  5. How to spot a scam email.
  6. What is Social Engineering and why should you care?
  7. How to tell if your PC is a Zombie.
  8. What is Phishing and why should you care?
  9. How to know if your banking website is secure.

Terry is a certified computer technician.  He has been a technical trainer for both A+ and Network+ courses.  He was trained by Microsoft to provide technical support for the launch of Windows 2000.  He has been providing computer repair and networking services for homes and businesses for the past 16 years.  He provides computer services for all Windows compatible PCs.  Terry also has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and he will provide a few tips on how not to let your computer stress you out.


May-Aug- No meeting



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