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Monthly meetings are OPEN to ALL Saddlebrooke residents - members & non-members of the club.


Next Meeting: Monday, Jan 17, 1:00 PM 
Mountain View East Ballroom 

Virtual Reality – It’s Not Just for Kids Anymore by Leigh Beaty


For the last four years, virtual reality (VR) has been a booming industry with tons of untapped potential. While it started as a medium primarily meant for video games, its benefits have far exceeded that original purpose. In fact, hospitals now use VR to train surgeons, architects design buildings with it and even some directors are creating their films with the technology. 

So… how does this relate to seniors? The use of virtual reality (VR) promises many benefits for older adults, such as promoting a healthy lifestyle with health-related gaming, maintaining social contact via digital interfaces, supporting rehabilitation, and even letting us achieve items on our “bucket lists” even if we physically are no longer able to do the things we used to.

From traveling around the world to exercising without even realizing it, we’ll explore a few VR applications that can be used by senior and their loved ones to bring joy, provide a workout, or even allow an unplanned visit to another country. 

This presentation will conclude with a demonstration of the Virtual Reality headsets now being used in the SaddleBrooke Computer Club’s Special Interest clinics.


Our presentation will be given by Leigh Beaty, President of the SaddleBrooke Computer Club.  Leigh enjoys trying to keep up with current technologies we have at our fingertips.  And she loves sharing her knowledge and experiences with others in our community.  In addition to the Introduction to PCs courses, she also is currently teaching classes on How Search Engines Really Work, Internet Connections:  WiFi vs. Cellular – What’s the Difference, and Digital Estate Planning, to name a few.

As Henry Ford once said “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eight.  Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”  Leigh doesn’t consider herself old…. Yet. 


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