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eLearning Programs Available to you

Anytime, Anywhere, On Your Own Device

Especially beneficial during this time of social distancing, all members of SaddleBrooke Computer Club receive unlimited access to our online eLearn classes. You can take them on your computer or other device from anywhere, anytime, 24/7/365.


The list of online classes and resources includes these 70+ unique offerings in 12 different categories ... and counting...! Members, take as many of these classes as you like, all included in your annual class fee.

To view an eLearn class, login to the Computer Club Website with your username and password. Then select: Classes>eLearn.


Android Tips & Tricks-2020

Beginning Gmail :Part 1 | Part 2

Introduction to Skype

Introduction to Google Voice

Group FaceTime

Zoom - Part 1: How to Join a Zoom Meeting

Zoom - Part 2: How to Host a Zoom Meeting

Zoom - Part 3: Zoom Tips, Tricks & Hacks


Garage Band

Cutting the Cord

Google Apps

Google Account

Google Keep Tutorial

Google Docs: An Overview

Google Drive Tutorial

Google Slides Introduction


20 iPhone & iPad Tips & Tricks

30 iPhone & iPad Tips & Tricks (iOS12)

20 iPhone & iPad Tips & Tricks (Spring 2020)

Adapt Your iPhone/iPad

Apple Support Videos

Group FaceTime

iPhone Health App

New Features in iOS11


Apple Tips & Tricks (3 Parts)

Apple Support Videos

Ask Randi Anything

- Apple Services (Video)

Ask Randi Anything

- Apple Services (PDF)

Ask Randi Basic - Features(PDF)

Ask Randi - Apple Programs | Handout (PDF)

Mac Nuts & Bolts 2020(PDF)

Organize Your Mac

Syncing Apple Devices These Days

Switching from PC to Mac (3 Parts)

Today at Apple at Home


Move to Windows 10?

Windows 10: Save, Find & Organize Files

How to Use a Thumb Drive

Photo Books

Blurb Tutorials

Introduction to BookWright

Creating Covers in BookWright

Using Templates & Layouts in BookWright

Working with images in BookWright

Using Shapes in BookWright

Using RTF files in BookWright

Using Flowing Text containers in BookWright

Adding & Removing Pages in BookWright

Applying Page Colors in BookWright

Adding Page Numbers to a BookWright pub.

Using Blurb’s New Photo Manager Feature

How to Make a Photo Book with BookWright


Adobe Photoshop Elements A

Adobe Photoshop Elements B

PowerDirector 15

TechSmith Camtasia Product Tutorials

Resize image using GIMP

5 Easy Ways to Crop images using GIMP




How to convert Word doc to rtf

Create RTF files in Mac, iMac, Macbook Pro


Computer Security

How to Use LastPass

LastPass for Android

LastPass for iOS

Stay Safe & Secure on Mac & iOS Devices

Social Media

Facebook's New Look

Social Media: What is it?

Today's Tech

Digital Estate Planning

Facebook's New Look

Get More from Your Apple Watch

Syncing Apple Devices These Days

Wearable Tech