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Monthly meetings are OPEN to ALL Saddlebrooke residents - members & non-members of the club.


WEDNESDAY, Mar 21, 1:00 PM, Mountain View Clubhouse West Ballroom


Smart Houses, Andrea Bianco, Smart House Consultant

Learn about the latest smart home hardware and technologies. See how they can work and benefit you. Find out how to get started and the scalability of projects.

-Security monitoring


-Water leak monitoring/detection

-Notifications of all types

-Energy conservation

-Remote control of connected devices

-Voice Automation of connected devices

-Retro fitting


Andrea has worked in the area of business/data analytics for a large international customs brokerage company; as well a previous career in the clinical health care industry. From her deep interest in the IoT (Internet of Things) space, she ventured out to start her own business, Smart House Consulting, LLC located in Marana, Az. She integrates her passion of the IoT space with customized solutions for her clients. Her drive to bring not merely convenience, but compassion to offer improved quality of life to those that may have specific needs such as physical disabilities, long absences from a residence, or other concerns are what drives her innovation and customer satisfaction. Demonstrations and consultations to take all aspects of a smart house implementation into consideration are offered by appointment.


Apr 23 (4th Monday)- "Searching Online", Shirley Condit, Pinal County Librarian
May 21- TBA

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